The David Letterman Building on Ball State University's Campus.

Art Scavenger Hunt

Since 2011, the Glick Center has been home to hundreds of students, hundreds of projects, and hundreds of memories and tales of humor and warning. The AR Scavenger hunt gives room for those untold stories and sheds light on the glass art-making process, as well as the tools needed to get the job done.

QR Code for the David Letterman Learning Experience.

Our Opportunity

The augmented reality scavenger hunt transforms Ball State’s campus into a virtual glass art gallery by showcasing student artwork, building anticipation for the student work released by the DLLE team, and encouraging audiences to learn about art created by BSU students.  

The Solution

The scavenger hunt is defined by a simple process. First, participants hunt for eight 3D model replicas of glass artwork hidden around the Ball State campus. Second, after they find an art station, they can scan a QR code at the site. QR codes reveal interesting stories about the art and artists. At each station, visitors also find stickers that provide clues about where to find the next station. When the students collect all eight stickers and scan all eight codes, they will be entered to win a special prize. 

Molten glass is pressed into shape in the Glick Center.