Scavenger Hunt Stop 6/6

This exhibit belongs to the David Letterman Learning Experience, and it is 1 of 6 exhibits hidden around campus. You will find clues at the bottom of the page to help you find the next stop. Feel free to revisit this page at a later time. You will find the QR code posted on our social media pages linked at below. Visit our website to learn more about our project and our documentary, "Clear Reception," releasing this fall.
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Sounds of the Documentary

The Clear Reception documentary and the David Letterman Learning Experience showcases the many talents of Ball State students, who have been involved in every aspect of the documentary’s making, from filming, directing, and editing, to composing the music, and promoting the final product. Media and Music majors worked together to create a unique sound for the documentary through the creation of an original score.   

Glassblowing isn’t a quiet artform, so students worked together to recreate the musical sounds of the hot shop. By blowing on bottles and using glassblowing tools close to a microphone, students produced the sounds heard throughout the film. Orchestra students also worked together to write, play, and produce the original score for the documentary. Various string instruments create cheerful and engaging music that emphasizes the curiosity and creativity of this project.

David Letterman Building

Clue to the next stop

Go to the front entrance of the Letterman Building to find the next scavenger hunt stop