Scavenger Hunt Stop 4/6

This exhibit belongs to the David Letterman Learning Experience, and it is 1 of 6 exhibits hidden around campus. You will find clues at the bottom of the page to help you find the next stop. Feel free to revisit this page at a later time. You will find the QR code posted on our social media pages linked at below. Visit our website to learn more about our project and our documentary, "Clear Reception," releasing this fall.
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History of Glass in Muncie

In the 1890’s, Muncie was home to seven major glass manufacturers. After the discovery of abundant natural gas resources in the Muncie area, it was a prime location for manufacturing, as the rich natural resources meant cheap fuel for the businesses. 

Of course, one of the more famous glass companies that has ties to Muncie is the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, known today as Ball Corporation. The Ball Brothers moved their glass company to Muncie in the 1880s, which would jumpstart their involvement in the Muncie community for years to come. 

In 1918, two of the five Ball brothers, Frank and Edmund, purchased the failed Indiana State Normal School and nine months later, donated the institution to the state. The state later renamed the institution Ball Teacher’s College, paying homage to the brothers. Over the next 20-plus years, the Ball family donated substantial amounts of money to help grow the university. 

Fast forwarding to 2011, Ball State University would reinvigorate its tie to Muncie’s rich glass manufacturing history with the opening of the Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass. Generously funded by The Glick Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation established by Marilyn and Eugene Glick, the Glick Center was built to support and promote the practice of the contemporary glass arts at Ball State University and in East Central Indiana. You can learn more about the Glick Center here. 

L.A. Pittenger Student Center

Clue to the next stop

Go to the student art gallery [insert room number] on the first floor of the Student Center  to find the next scavenger hunt stop.