Scavenger Hunt Stop 3/6

This exhibit belongs to the David Letterman Learning Experience, and it is 1 of 6 exhibits hidden around campus. You will find clues at the bottom of the page to help you find the next stop. Feel free to revisit this page at a later time. You will find the QR code posted on our social media pages linked at below. Visit our website to learn more about our project and our documentary, "Clear Reception," releasing this fall.
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What is the Hot Shop?

Welcome to the Marilyn K. Glick Center Hot Shop! The hot shop is where the magic of glass blowing happens. This workshop offers cutting-edge machinery and tools to bring glass to life. The hot shop supports a range of processes, including blowing, hot sculpting, and sand and investment mold hot casting. The Glick Center hot shop also has a front atrium exhibition space with large viewing windows, allowing visitors to watch artists in action.   

Lucina Hall

Clue to the next stop

Go to the main lobby of Lucina Hall to find the next scavenger hunt stop